• Yoghurt with blueberries in a bowl

    What are they and why are they so good for you?

  • Instant noodles

    Read how you can improve this popular snack.  

  • Two pregnant women of culturally and linguistically diverse background
    Multicultural support for parenting and pregnancy

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Women's Health is currently seeking a Project Officer for its Perinatal Mental Health and Wellness project.

About the position:

The Perinatal Mental Health and Wellness project aims to improve the mental health and wellness of expectant and new parents through enhanced service system interactions during pregnancy and into the first year after birth.

In this double issue of Health Journey we take a look at the unhealthy aspects of instant noodles and how we can improve them, examine food safety following the frozen berry scare and discuss the many benefits of probiotics. We also explain the often unrecognised condition of pelvic varicose veins and celebrate 30 years of Women's Health.

Health Journey 2015 Issue 3-4

Women's Health has partnered with the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (ACCF) to launch the Cervical Health Info Line. The Cervical Health Info Line is a confidential service, staffed by registered nurses and midwives, which provides women concerned about cervical screening (Pap smears) with additional support and advice. They can answer a variety of questions, including:

  • How do I prepare for a Pap smear and what can I expect?

  • Are Pap smears safe during pregnancy?

  • Pap smear results and what they mean

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